The festival dates at Buli are 24-28th February 2005


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Architect Karma Gelay, Druk Heritage Consultancy for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a trainee architect in heritage conservation. I am thankful to John Sanday, Field Director American Himalayan Foundation for making me a part of the AHF trainee team in Bhutan. I am also thankful AHF senior conservator Rodolfo Lujan Lunsford for his valuable guidance and suggestions. Special thanks to Bumthang Dzongkhag staff, Nidup Gyeltshen, Nil Kumar Shrestha, Jobtong, the older members of the community and Lopen Nagphey of Buli Gomdey. I look forward to your suggestions and constructive criticisms.
 Dhrubaraj Sharma
(Trainee student architect)

 I would like to acknowledge the authors of the following reports for having contributed information to my article.
- Sanday, John - Historic monuments conservation training project. October 2002.
- Sanday, John - Architectural conservation training project. August 2003.
- Armington, Stan - Lonely Planet Bhutan.
- Education Division - History of Bhutan.

“Don’t think what is best but think what is original”.
John Sanday, July 2003 in Buli

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